The Branded Coffee Co understands hospitality and the importance of your guest experience. We also understand the need for brand exposure in the highly competitive environment that hospitality is today.


The design team at TBCC have sourced and created a choice of accessories to effectively implement a premium custom branded coffee capsule solution to your business. 


We have developed a range of in room displays, glassware and coffee machines that are streamlined and elegant.  We believe the range will serve to enhance your brand and ultimately and most importantly your guests experience.

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In Room


TBCC have developed a unique offering for Hotels with a range of branded and non branded coffee capsule and in room accessories.


We have developed an in room capsule display box for your guests to enjoy the complimentary coffee.  The displays can be custom branded to provide a complete solution.


TBCC also offers a unique solution that can include minibar sale items of coffee capsule boxes comprising 10 capsules & glassware sets should your guest wish continue enjoying your coffee at home or in the office. 

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TBCC have created a unique range of premium coffee capsules and we offer the ability to co-brand the capsule boxes with our in house brand Merchant Harbour.

The co-branding option creates the credibility and expertise of partnering with an established coffee brand for your in house product.


Food & Beverage


TBCC can facilitate all coffee requirements for Food & Beverage outlets with a full service bean to cup and full espresso making product range to suit all occasions and service options.

All our coffee is traditionally roasted in Melbourne and can be packaged in branded or white label options.  Contact us for more information.

SAVE 20% off when you buy 4 or more
When you buy 4 or more boxes of Blend 3 you can save 20% off your order. 
SAVE 20% off when you buy 4 or more
When you buy 4 or more boxes of Blend 3 you can save 20%