Coffee Capsule

We have sourced a range of products to complete the coffee drinking experience as well as provide an elegant and functional addition to the home, office or hotel room.

Our coffee capsules are Nespresso® machine compatible, filled with premium-quality espresso coffee. Our beans are blended and slow roasted in Melbourne to create the perfect full bodied flavour for a capsule.


This blend of Arabicas is full of personality, rich in flavour and has a lasting creamy texture. 

It delivers a fine espresso taste whether served black or with milk.

X 10= $7.50


The smooth creamy texture of this full-bodied coffee delivers notes of raisin, spice and citrus with only a hint of acidity. 

The complex flavours linger on the palate before leaving you with a long clean cocoa finish.

X 10= $7.50


Powerful and bold this blend provides a full bodied dark roast flavour.

X 10= $7.50

Double walled
glass set

To compliment our coffee, we have sourced a range of handmade glassware especially designed and constructed to ensure the coffee is hot in the glass while your hand remains cool.

The Glassware can be supplied branded or non-branded. We have a couple of branding options depending on the number and delivery times. The brand or logo can be etched the outside of the inside glass or on the outside of the outer wall.

x 2 = $18.00 

$18.00Add to cart

Capsules Glassware Glass_Beans_l



White Machine —$149.00

$160.00Add to cart


Black Machine —$149.00

$160.00Add to cart

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SAVE 20% off when you buy 4 or more
When you buy 4 or more boxes of Blend 3 you can save 20% off your order. 
SAVE 20% off when you buy 4 or more
When you buy 4 or more boxes of Blend 3 you can save 20%